Two Banners Hung in Solidarity with DAPL Resistors

#NoDAPL banner drop at the Durango Snowdown Parade 2/3/17

From It’s Going Down:

Tonight, in so-called Durango, Colorado, two banners were hung in solidarity with water protectors facing police brutality and grand jury resistors standing up against state repression. The banners were deployed from the roof of a prominent downtown building as a parade approached, led by police blaring their sirens in an authoritarian reminder that the state is always ready to bring their force to bear. The banners, one reading “Water is Life”, the other, “Divest” (both tagged with “#NoDAPL”), are a small token of support, a statement to let you all know we are out here with and for each of you. In the face of repression, we stand together and fight. To all those on the front lines, we are out here for you in love and rage.

Stay strong. The Southwest sees you. Your comrades see you. The world of resistance sees you.